Joel Horwitz is a passionate data guru educated in engineering, chemistry, and programming. He combined these disciplines to earn a Masters of Science in the area of Nanotechnology from the University of Washington.  Later he pursued his MBA in International Commerce from the University of Pittsburgh, Katz School of Business.

He’s held positions at Intel Corporation and AVG Technologies in the area of Product Strategy and Development.  Joel was responsible for developing Analytics and Growth at Datameer where he launched the Analytics App Market, A/B testing platform for “Growth Hacking”, and a SaaS version of the product to grow the overall web traffic 20% month over month while decreasing spend 50% in the same time period. In addition, by reducing the amount of setup friction the conversion rate nearly doubled in 60 days. Joel is now at Alpine Data Labs leading Product to bring the world’s first code-free, web-based, collaborative advanced analytics application for big data.  You can learn more by visiting http://start.alpinenow.com

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  1. Emre Safak

    Hi Joel,

    It was nice to see you last night. Let’s connect on LinkedIn. I didn’t have your email so I could not add you myself.



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